Tuesday, 24 March 2015

fantastic short plays

My good friend Jenny Roche  jennyroche.co.uk is a mine of extrememly useful information. She has reminded me that the JB Shorts event is almost upon us. It's the 13th season for this event and I would recommend it.

You get to watch about six short plays that have been written by people with television experience and are performed by superb actors. The whole night with a pint of lager and a packet of nuts isn't much more that a tenner. Money well spent.

Shorts and short plays are terms now used to describe what was once known as a one act play. They are often shown in a group and set in pubs and bars in front of non- traditional theatre audiences. It's live entertainment that doesn't cost too much and is accessible.  

If you can't get to the JB Shorts night in Manchester which is on from 14th-25th April then go to something similar.

To get tickets go to wegottickets.com/jbshorts

To see some fantastic short plays that are 10-15 minutes long read the book published by the pint-sized play initiative.  pintsizedplays.org.uk   It's full of sharply written stuff. Better still go onto their website and have a look at the competition they are running until May 2015.

If you're good with dialogue and can stretch your imagination to make a pub bar feel like an Elizabethan street (for example)  with no props then you'll love the challenge.