Tuesday, 16 September 2014


That's the name of the book that The Cheadle Writers group is about to publish. Some editing and paper shuffling still has to take place and I wait for good news about a financial donation.

There's a lot of talk about publishing and self publishing. I'd like to say that producing a booklet of your writing, art, photography, family tree details or recipes (and much more) is achievable. Of course money is always involved but for a special occasion or event a nicely produced A5 booklet might be perfect.

Sometimes the thought of starting a project is off-putting when the work involved isn't that bad really once you start. Or even enjoyable. Like writing.

Getting images like the one below into a booklet is straightforward with the technology available. We used this and other retro pamphlets for inspiration.

Does it inspire you to write. Try a stream of consciousness for one or both of the images from the leaflet.