Wednesday, 1 October 2014

writing fiction for women's magazines

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Love Triangles

The statue in the picture and the commemorative plaque are dedications to the Russian poet Maria Tsvetkova. They are positioned overlooking the bay in St.Giles de la Croix in the Vendee region.

She seems to me to be as well known for her passionate affairs as she does for her poetry which is loaded with emotional references.

Every Child is a Verse of Love

Every child is a verse of love
A destitute bastard slip,
A firstling - the winds above -
Left by the road asleep.
Heart has a gulf, and a bridge,
Heart has a bless, and a grief.
Who is his Father? A leige?
Maybe a liege or a thief.

Just a small example of her work, translated by Yevgeny Bonver.

Try these exercises inspired by this revered Russian poet.

1) Select one of the lines from the above poem and use it to begin a poem of your own. The content of the poem should come from what the line suggests to you, it doesn't have to follow the above theme. If you write a poem take not of the rhyming sequence above and the poetic devices. Try to follow the rhyming sequence.

2) Write about a love triangle. It can be a triangle containing lovers or it can be a situation where three people are friends and tensions arise. Write from the point of view of a narrator who can see what each character is thinking and so can give a broad view of the situation.