Monday, 19 May 2014

The Write Pratice

I receive weekly emails from the above creative writing blogger/teacher. The content is fresh relevant, pithy, precise and helpful. (too many adjectives??) There are always writing exercises to try too. And they are free.

Courses and publications are available if you want to take things further.

Have a look.

Sunday, 18 May 2014


Had some fun with lists this week. Writing one can help you when you are stuck with writing about a character. Try jotting down their to do list. What does it reveal?

What's on your shopping list? What does this say about you?
What's on your to do list?
What's always on your to do list and never gets crossed off?
Write a list of your friends names, food you like, your five best moments, the periodic table of elements.
Something else.

Some of our lists became poems or the framework for a poem or piece of fiction.

Try it.

Short Plays

I'm reading a book called Ten Short Plays which has been produced by Longman Imprint Books

I want plays that can be read at one sitting in a two hour session so that we can complete the play and discuss it. This book has a good cross section of styles and writers. Absurdism, a community play, a TV play and more. A great book with study activities. The one I enjoyed reading most was Skin by Nicola Batty. 

Writing a short play could be a good writing exercise and I may try it. If I do it I might suggest genre, characters and an inciting incident and see what we get.  

Have a go.

Pick a genre.
Pick up to three characters.
Think of an inciting incident.

Write dialogue and see what you get. Tell a story with a start, middle and end. 

Is there anyone who can read for you so that you can hear how your work sounds?