Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Fireworks and their names.

Fireworks are strangely joyful reminders of treasonous plots. From where I'm sitting I can see an old Catherine Wheel pinned to a post in my garden. Bastille Day has just been celebrated in France with fabulous fireworks (feu d'artifice) and celebrations akin to new years eve and bonfire night. 
If you look at firework catalogues you'll see that fireworks, like everything else, are given names. Some names acknowledge their bright and celebratory nature, for example Ruby Shower or Roman Candle or can make reference to the darker side of fireworks with names like Phantom  or Bomber.


Pick a few of the names.
Use them as headings for poems.
Concentrate on the dual nature of fireworks.
Avoid words commonly associated with fireworks. Sparkle. Dazzle. Explosion. 
Write in free verse.

See what you get.