Thursday, 7 November 2013

Films plots.

Watching good films is one of life's great pleasures for me. I appreciate everything from the words spoken to the scenery chosen. Some films follow a fairly transparent route from start to finish while others ie Indie Brit Films and French Films take risks with plot. Others can be based loosley or closely on books with varying outcomes.

Have a look at books on writing films.  

One thing I like to do is consider the plot in its most basic form and then think of a story of my own that follows that plot. This isn't new. Plots are recycled all the time. I have a book about Silent Movies in which the business of recycling plots by changing settings and times was a big job for writers of the time.

Try this -

Think of a film you like
Write the plot out in a series of 10-15 sentences.
Use the plot line to construct a story of your own, set in another time and place.

Use a bit of writerly skill to make it difficult to see at a glance the film you got your idea from.