Monday, 1 December 2014

Interior dialogue.

This is a photo of a disused brewery in Newark, Nottinghamshire UK. I love this building because of its wonderful roof and rounded doors. It's possible that members of my family worked here about 120 years ago.

When I visited it there was a fence around it and a derelict air about a building that once would have been important and productive.

Could you write a story using two voices about this place?

One is the voice of the last person to leave the building and lock the door on its useful days.

The second voice is that of someone who is now living in one or two rooms inside the building. There is no heat or light but the rooms are insulated and warm enough. The building hasn't been completely cleared out and objects remain.

Security guards patrol the perimeter of the fence and the outside of the building for two hours once a week.

Who are the characters?
Why are they important?
What do they want?
What stands in the way of them getting what they want?

It could be a story or a longer piece. If the characters are alone it might be a good time to enhance your skills in writing interior dialogue.

I might have a go at this myself, later.