Thursday, 14 November 2013

shakespeare reduced and other abbreviations

There's no way that all of Shakespeare's plays should be able to fit into a single average length perofrmance but the Reduced Shakespeare Company managed to do that at a performance at The Oldham Coliseum last week.

Humour, 3 male actors with wigs, costumes and props, a fairly simple set and a lot of energy gave an enteratining whistle stop tour of the Bard's output. 

Could you do that with your life? Make a descriptive list of key events and then develop that into a poem or performance piece. Could you do 2 separate accounts of your life? One that is known and you don't mind sharing, and a less known or inner life?

Think of the things you do regularly, your failings and successes and use them throughout to aid the structure of the piece. Try to create a story and not a list (or a CV)