Friday, 3 May 2013

Guy de Maupassant as inspiration.

The short stories of Guy de Maupassant were considered by many of the literary critics of his time as morose and cynical. His work is still selling and relevant however and much of it is powerful and memorable, reflecting upon ordinary lives and disappointments and the ways in which people respond to what happens to them. 
His story The Priest is a story I use in creative writing sessions because it has emotional impact and can be read in a short time. After hearing it, I ask people to write about an ordinary event, bearing his style in mind. The aim of exercises like this is not to imitate. It's to think about what devices a writer has used and try them. Maupassant often situates ordinary people in ordinary settings and then gives them a situation to deal with.  Before I set this task for others I tried it myself... my story, As the Crow Flies, is on the Examples of Work page.

What writers inspire you?