Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Names and their influence.

The Royal couple have named their baby boy George. I wonder what his name would have been had he been a girl. A friend of mine - very muscled and masculine - told me his mum was going to call him Janet if he had been born a girl. Janet??? I could never look at him without thinking of him with that name.

My parents would have called me Blake if I'd been born a boy. 

What were the names your parents chose for you - the ones they didn't use?
How would your life have been different with another name?
If you are a parent, what names did you write on a list for your expected child? What made you pick the one you chose and reject the others?

Are you named after anyone? 

Write a story beginning with a name you might have had and go on to describe a day in the life of the person you might have been.