Thursday, 19 June 2014


Lists have been a recent topic in my classes. My favourite list is one I found in a supermarket trolley in France. On a piece of graph paper was the word limonade. Can something with one item on it be considered a list?

People in the groups generally agreed that they found it interesting to see what other people wrote on shopping and other lists. It gave a glimpse into other lives.

A few people listed categories of colour. For example, green.


....the list was almost endless.

Try looking at a colour and writing down categories, memories and sayings. Is there a poem in there? Is there something to be developed?

Baby pink
Pink to make the boys wink

Have a go.

There is such a thing as a List poem. Look one or two up on 


They vary a lot from simple as above to complex. A great poem style to try out.