Wednesday, 11 September 2013

artistic inspiration

When I was in France I did a workshop with an artist called Patrizia Ingenuo. Her work is featured in the photo above. It is made of found objects and reminds me of the art of Native American Indians. 

She was lovely and generous and inspirational and her workshop was fantastic. Full of projects that she has begun and materials she uses. 

There is a connection between art and writing. I often visit galleries and museums with students and the work produced afterwards is astonishing. Sometimes people are so energised by what they've seen they sit and write there and then in the art gallery coffee shop.

Do you pass a gallery or live near to one?
Peep in the window or pay to go inside and find a piece of work that inspires you.
Write about yourself looking at this work. Compare your world with the world of the picture. See what results you get.