Sunday, 12 October 2014

Crime Novels

I have two crime novels on the go at the moment. One is hard edged, urban, violent and centres around the Manchester drugs and crime scene. It's not my usual cup of tea but it's for research and I like it.The other is what might be described as cosy. No sex, drugs or rock and roll and there's a cat in it.

At the moment the crime genre is one of the most popular genres amongst readers, particularly women. From the perspective of a writer this is interesting as the scope is large and the possibilities intriguing.

Carry out an investigation of your own and find out how many sub genres of the crime genre there are. (there are many)There's everything from the bloody to the downright fluffy with lots of variety in-between. My tastes lie somewhere in the middle of these extremes. 

What are your preferences?

Your reading tastes might not be the same as your writing tastes.

Select two or three of the sub-genres and create an appropriate crime solving character to suit each. The sub-genre should suggest the characteristics of a person who might solve crimes in a particular world. For example a Miss Marple character is unlikely to be solving crimes in the prostitute and pimps, burning streets novel at the side of my bed. Nor is a revenge hungry, super-fit bouncer likely to be looking for lost cats. This doesn't mean to say incongruous pairings can't work, but give it some thought.

Next, think of the crimes your fledgling gum-shoe might solve.

You may unearth some fascinating clues.