Tuesday, 27 January 2015

magazine fiction

Workshop for would be magazine fiction writers. Hope you can make it.


Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. So many dreadful stories have emerged from this period of history and many of them have taken a long time to tell.

In some research I did on this period of history one group of people who were persecuted as the Nazis pursued a pure race were Romanies. It was customary for this group of people to pass on their stories verbally at gatherings of families and friends. Artefacts, objects and heirlooms didn't seem to be a feature of their lives and it is quite possible that whole areas of their history have been destroyed for ever.

If you have time to research you could consider some of the people who were sent to concentration camps, political prisoners, for example. There were others. Write diary entries for the week before they were captured. Try to imagine or research the ordinary events of their lives as well as anything extraordinary.

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