Saturday, 5 July 2014

BBC - Writing for children.

The BBC are open to submissions of work written for children. Television scripts for series and a range of children's output. This opportunity is for a limited time. Follow the link to their writers room for more  details and to see how to enter your work.

You'll find lots of information and advice on the site and can subscribe to a newsletter that will keep you informed of other opportunities.

I have written a couple of things for children and will look at them to see if they fit the bill.

Have you written for children?

Try writing an outline for a series for children. Think of characters and locations, time and style.

A discriminating audience - they have to be pleased or they won't watch!

Monday, 30 June 2014


The term wabi-sabi comes from Japan but the concept is universal. It is about appreciation of simple things, of things that are ageing, of being appreciative.

Look at for images and developed ideas.

I came across this when I was looking for the idea of 'beauty hunting'. It seems now to relate to beauty businesses and blogs but when I first came across it the idea was championed by a woman (I need to find her name) who worked in urban or overworked industrial locations with kids. She believed that if someone looked hard enough they would find a thing of beauty in their surroundings and from there could possibly learn to attach hope.

I need to come back to this woman and her ideas but in the mean time am interested in finding beauty in the mundane.

Think of the most tedious task in your life and write its components as a list.

Is there a poem in there.
Is the ritual more important to you than you think?

Don't stop at one.

Post your ideas.